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The Answer is in Your Headshot

The Answer is in Your Headshot

What Directors Want Actors To Do With Their Headshots If you ever find yourself prepping for an audition and you’re…

Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything

Recently we have been talking a lot about self tapes here in the office as there have been more and…

People at casting call

Auditions. How do you get more of them?

How do I get more auditions and what does my agent do?  This is a great question that is asked…


Toronto Kids Fashion Week 2019

Toronto Kids Fashion Week auditions are quickly approaching.   We have had many of our kids from Carolyn’s Kids participate in…

The Importance of Sleep

How Season Changes Can Affect Your Sleep And What To Do About It

If you have been feeling a little groggy since the recent time change you are not alone!  As we transition…

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