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Great Job Melane!

Congratulations Melane A.!At CMTC 2009 she won 1st place Photography Awards, 2nd place Cover Girl Awards and Grand Overall Child…

Amazing Job Santiago L.!

Here’s Santiago L. at CMTC 2009! Santiago won 1st place TV Commercial Awards and Grand Overall Male Actor of the…

Julianna N. and Nikolina T. at CMTC 2009

Here’s Julianna N., Carolyn of Carolyn’s Talent Agency and Nikolina T. at CMTC 2009!

Great Job Carly L.!

Great Job Carly L.! At CMTC 2009 Carly won 1st place Monologue Awards, 2nd place Singing Awards, 1st place TV…

Great Job Tiyana C.!

Here is Tiyana C. and Carolyn of Carolyn’s Talent Agency at CMTC 2009! Tiyana won 2nd place in the TV…

Ken C. at CMTC 2009!

Here’s Ken C. with Carolyn from Carolyn’s talent agency at CMTC 2009!

Great Job Everyone!

Congratulations goes out to Tristin L., Ava M., Christine D., Evan E., Allyson S., Ayshe K., Gerry L., Paul M.…

Great Job Ladies!

Watch out for Charlotte M. and Meloday G. Two Toronto models in an upcoming print ad for the TTC!

Congrats Cheryl D.!

Look out for Cheryl D. From the best acting agency in an upcoming Brand Power commercial for Ali Weight Loss!Way…

Great Job Julia M.!

Congratulations to Julia M. Toronto talent from the best acting agency for her recent booking on Physic Investigation III!

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