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Great Job Everyone!!

Congratulations to Allyson S., Paul M., Triston L., Ava M., Evan E. Christine D., Ayshe K., Gerry L. and Nathan…

Carolyn Visits The Julia Jamieson School of Performing Arts

Recently, Carolyn visted The Julia Jamieson School of Performing Arts in Brantford. Below are some photos from the event.

Great Job Mario C.!

Congratulations to Mario C. on his recent booking for a Pharma Plus TV Ad.

Congrats Julia M.!

Watch out for Julia M. in the show Physic Investigators!

Great Job Sabrina!

Congratulations to Sabrina D.!Sabrina is the Host of the talk show Eros Tonight!!

Great Job Rosaire R.!

Congrats to Rosaire R. for his print booking for Amica

Great Job Stephanie S.!

Click Here to view Stephanie S. in the IBM System Z Myth vs. Truth Ad

Great Job Rosaire!

Check out Rosaire R. in this Canada Revenue Agency Ad!

Model Contest Winner!

Check out our Gloria's photos!Gloria won our Model Contest back in April.

Summer Movie Modelling Camp!

It's Wacky Wednesday at Summer Movie Modelling Camp!!

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