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Entertainment Industry Tips

Entertainment Industry Tips

The entertainment industry is amongst many when it comes to finding new ways to function during this never ending Covid-19 pandemic. For those in the film and television industry, auditions are now mostly online, and actors are zooming their way to another gig. This, however, could change and we highly recommend that actors upload their auditions to casting sites. Remember to always upload your audition prior to the deadline, waiting last minute is never good and it is the talents responsibility to upload their auditions, not the agent.

Following all casting instructions is also very crucial. Take a moment and READ all instructions. Sometimes missing just one simple step could cost you the entire audition.

Technology has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry and almost everyone is brandishing a high-definition Smartphone camera. Talent should use their camera to practice video recording themselves and when you’ve taken a break from practicing…practice a little more. We cannot stress enough, become the character! Practice in the mirror, look at your expressions, look at your eyes, etc. Put your mask on and look in the mirror, and smile, look angry, look concerned. Always watch your eyes, your eyes and expressions tell the story.

Here are a few more important things to remember:

  • Purchase a ring light and remote for your Smartphone plus a small tripod. (You can buy them from Amazon and Walmart has them for approx. $30)
  • Most productions and sets are requiring full covid-19 vaccinations to work on set.
  • Call backs are usually via zoom but in person for obvious things like table reads, fittings, wardrobe, etc.
  • Use the pandemic down time to improve your skills. We recommend acting classes, many of which are through zoom.
  • Safety should be a priority during these times. If you get booked on set but don’t feel well always let your agent know. Do not show up sick!
  • Always remember that it is important to respect the agent’s time. Agents are very busy and have a life so don’t call after business hours unless it is an emergency, i.e., illness or you can’t attend a booking.
  • We recommend our tips on “How to make a great self tape“.
  • And visit Aaron Marcus’ Actors Career Center on YouTube for more tips.

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