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If you have been following Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency, you know that we are firm believers of the power of positive thinking.  Do you have the mindset of your cup being half empty or half full? How you answer this may reflect your attitude towards yourself and how others perceive you.

Have you ever been to an audition and thought “Ugh, that was really crap. What happened?”  Then your brain starts buzzing thinking about what could have been done differently. Perhaps you weren’t prepared. You didn’t practice.  Or perhaps you went in to the audition with the mindset that you were going to fail because maybe you thought others auditioning for the role were better than you.

It is always important to go into each audition with confidence, a great attitude and a smile. You won’t land every role you audition for; but every no will get you one step closer to yes if you keep practicing your craft.

Look at yourself in the mirror and practice these affirmations:

  • Every audition is an opportunity for success
  • My light doesn’t dim because someone else shines bright
  • Great roles are finding me

These are just a few positive affirmations that you can say to yourself. For more examples check out My Actors Guide.

You can also check out the tips on how to impress the casting director for your next audition!

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