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If you want to be an actor:

Don’t be lazy.

Don’t make excuses.

Don’t train just once a week.

Don’t forget that you need to train like an Olympian.

Don’t be cheap on your headshots.

Don’t put up headshots until you know your types and the roles you are right for.

Don’t quit

Don’t self-doubt yourself out of your own success.

Don’t wing it, you need a business plan, this is a business.

Don’t procrastinate.

Don’t expect overnight results. It takes years and years and years…and years.

Don’t be cheap in your training.

Don’t be cheap on uploading clips, you need -10.

Don’t get advice from actors who are not regularly working in TV.

Don’t upload headshots that all look alike.

Don’t upload monologues to your profiles.

Don’t use lack of money as and excuse not to succeed.

Don’t use demo footage that isn’t focused on you.

Don’t use footage that you wouldn’t give to Scorsese, Spielberg or DuVernay.

Don’t compare your career or journey to others.

Do get a mentor who knows what they are talking about.

Do upload 10-20 headshots expressing various emotions, attitudes, expressions and types.

Do upload 5-10 acting clips that are scenes.

Do train every day.

Do learn business strategies.

Do use positive affirmations, vision boards and clear goal setting.

Do apply time frames to your goals.

Do make a list of shows you are right for.

Do make a CD Target List.

Do get the most outstanding footage and headshots you possibly can.

Do reach out to people and market yourself.

Do have multiple streams of income.

Do get your own publicity.

To get coached for your auditions.

Do create footage that fits the shows you are most right for.

Do read industry books, spiritual books and sales books.

Do stick with it, even when it’s hard or auditions are slow.

Do surround yourself with positive people.

Do be proud of yourself for following your dreams.

Do believe in yourself.


Wendy Alane Wright
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Written by Wendy Alane Wright
Hollywood Winners Circle Academy

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