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Welcome to Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency

Where Everybody Has A Story

Carolyn’s is recognized as one of the Top Modeling & Talent Agencies in Toronto. We are a professional agency & have been in business for over 30 years. We represent union and non-union members including A.C.T.R.A , U.D.A., & S.A.G. We are connected with agents & casting directors worldwide with international bookings & callbacks from major modeling centers.

Milan, Paris, Japan, Tokyo, Vienna, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Venezuela, & Vancouver.

Our Founder

Carolyn Nikkanen

Carolyn Nikkanen


President of Carolyn's Model and Talent Agency, representing actors and models all ages for Film, Television, and Print. Accredited by the BBB, Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Chamber of…

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Who We Work With

Some of Carolyn’s Most Recent Print & Commercial Accomplishments

What people Say About Us

I am very happy to have Carolyn's Model and Talent agency as my representatives. Their staff is amazing and hard…Read More

Derrek Peels

"A wonderful TOM* season is behind us and I'd like to thank you and your models for a fantastic and…Read More

Leah Morrigan

"Carolyn's Kids/Talent and Modelling agency have been representing my two daughters for over 2 years. Some months busy, some months…Read More

Joanne Ragno

Since the foundation of our company in May of 2010 we have worked with Carolyn's Model and Talent Agency on…Read More

Misael Ortiz

Please let this letter confirm that I have worked with Carolyn's Model and Talent Agency for many years. They submit…Read More

Larissa Mair

We at Jigsaw Casting have worked with Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency for many years on various commercials, videos, films…Read More

Shasta Lutz

I am writing this on behalf of Carolyn's Model and Talent Agency. I have worked with Carolyn for over 25…Read More

Donna Dupere-Taylor

"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Carolyn's Model & Talent agency for many years. The staff at…Read More

Tristan Abraham

"I am very pleased to write a letter of support and reference for Carolyn's Model and Talent. I have been…Read More

Brian Levy

"I have worked with Carolyn for 30+ years; she is the owner and operator of Carolyn's Model and Talent Agency…Read More

Gloria Mann


Celebrity & Media Division

Celebrity & Media Division

Are you a budding YouTube star? Picture perfect on Instagram? A Go-To Tweeter? Everyone’s favorite blogger? If yes, then this is the place for you!

Carolyn's Kids

Carolyn's Kids

For our precious little ones (newborns to age 12) Catalogs, television, movies, commercials, fashion shows, brochures, videos, print campaigns, and much more.

Hot Paws Talent

Hot Paws Talent

If you think your little fur baby has what it takes to shine and want to get into the business, please check our Hot Paws Talent Division.

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